After studying painting and drawing at Birmingham-Southern College, Layton developed a fascination with the use of line in her work. Over time, her technique has relied more on the use of line to bring organic and expressive movement to her drawings and paintings. Upon her completion of portriats, Larry (2012),  Sophia (2012), and Daisy (2012), Layton came to appreciate the use of line to express her subjects’ inner psychology.  The expressive movement of Layton’s drawings is not focused on her subjects, which rather seem fixed in their positions. Instead, the line that weaves together each subject brings an inner life to each frozen position (whether it be animal, tree, or person). Feel free to click each image for a close-up view.

Born and raised in southern United States, Layton’s most recent work has focused on the landscapes and creatures that are found in the Gulf of Mexico and forests of south Alabama. Gearing toward providing her viewers with a deeper connection to her paintings, Layton has begun including backstories to each of her pieces. The story that goes along with her work, Juvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron (2015), for instance, describes her experience being startled by a large bird one early morning. Some drawings that do not follow a southern theme, such as Cautious Monkey (2015), are paired with a story regarding her personal relationship with the piece.

Find many of Layton’s work on display at Dakota Coffee in Enterprise, AL, as well as the Oak & Olive in Dothan, AL.

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