American Deer Mouse : Peromyscus maniculatus

field mouse

Pen & Ink, Gouache, on Bristol

11 x 14″

Copyright 2015

Enterprise, AL

**Will be featured and offered for sale at the Oak & Olive in Dothan, AL**

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2 Responses to American Deer Mouse : Peromyscus maniculatus

  1. Great use of lines! I like the spatter effect you have going on in your work as well (Side note, these mice are ridiculously cute).

    • laytonart says:

      Thank you! I have been adding to a series on various species that live in South Alabama for a display I currently have in a restaurant/bar. Hopefully I can raise awareness of some of Alabama’s incredible native creatures, both common and endangered 🙂 It has been a fun project because it has given me the opportunity to read about these species, as well. I plan to add more to my blogs so I can share the interesting facts I find! Thanks for the kind words.

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