“Cautious Monkey”


pen and ink, guache, on bristol

11 x 14″

Copyright 2015

Enterprise, AL


Sometimes I find myself sitting on a drawing for several months. This poor guy has been sitting on my dresser since October, waiting for me to do something with him. I began this drawing for my cousin, who asked me to make a drawing of a gorilla for her (my end results were “Baby Bonobo” and “Bonobo Sweets,” also posted on this blog). I was unhappy with the drawing after adding pen and ink, so I put him aside. However, as time went on I decided I wasn’t too disappointed with him after all and could find a way to love him the way he deserves. I placed him on display in my bedroom on the dresser. Still, the drawing was black-and-white with no added guache. There was no way to shake the feeling that he just wasn’t finished. So, last night before I went to bed I decided to add some color to our dear fellow. Greens, yellows, and burnt sienna have poured over the page with some added tones to his flesh. I do not expect this guy to be the most popular of them all, yet there is something valuable to him — He is the cautious monkey, who has been slow to mature and wary to approach. Yet, we shall accept him for how he is, as he has all the internal vibrancy of any quiet, thinking, unsure being that exists.

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