Female Study

Female Study

Graphite and conte crayon; acrylic and crack paste on canvas
Finished product copyright 2014; Enterprise, AL
Figure study copyright 2005; Troy, NY

I came across a portfolio full of old sketches I drew while I was in high school. At the time I was attending an evening figure drawing class at Russell Sage College and was instructed by my high school art teacher to bring my drawings to her for private review. These old, earnest drawings are beautifully reflective of my growth as an artist. Interesting to the eye, these figures are oddly proportioned and anxiously striving to become something. I have decided, for this reason, they are valuable and important in their own right. Therefore, I sealed them onto a textured canvas, hoping to accentuate that they come from a time of history. What an incredible find!

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2 Responses to Female Study

  1. Susan says:

    I absolutely love this. I’m so glad you found her and shared this!

    • laytonart says:

      Thank you! I sometimes think the fallible nature of these old drawings brings a very human element to these figures. She’s another “real” one 🙂

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